B. Primary Processing Centres 

3 PPC’s are located at Ramgarh, Ramnagar Mohan & Kaladhungi, all in the very fertile district of Nainital.

1. PPC Ramgarh : It has high production of fruits & vegetables viz. Tomato, Potato, Mango, Pear, Apple among others & is in close proximity to the CPC

.It shall have a Cold Storage (10 MT walk-in cold store) & Sorting & Grading facility (1 MT/ hour sorting grading line)

2. PPC Ramnagar Mohan : It has high production of cereals & is a link for hills & plains.

It shall have a Dry Warehouse (500 MT) to keep raw materials like rice & wheat as well as finished products to market in the hills.

3. PPC Kaladhungi : It has huge availability of Mango & Tomato, the surplus production of which can be used for pulping.

It shall have Pulping Line (1 MT/ hour) & Sorting & Grading facility (1 MT/ hour).