A. Core Processing Centre

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The  CPC  is the hub wherein all food processing facilities as well as supporting infrastructural facilities are made available on hire basis to the Food processors.

The following Core Processing facilities shall be provided at the CPC :

S. No.
Dry Warehouse
8,000 MT
Tetra Pack Unit
200 ml – TBA-19 (7500 packs per hour) *
Multi Fruit & Vegetable Processing Line
Input capacity of 7 MT/ hour for Tomato paste, 8 MT/ hour for Apple concentrate, 10 MT/ hour for Carrot concentrate, 5 MT/ hour for Pulp
Multi Purpose Cold Storage
( Frozen & Chilling)
500 MT (Chilling 400 MT & Frozen 100 MT)
Testing Laboratory

(*) The plant will have 3 sections namely :

1: Apple/ Carrot juice concentrate line

 2: Tomato paste processing line

 3: Mango & other fruit pulps processing line (**) The Testing lab will be equipped to do the following tests :

 1: Microbiology tests

 2: Pesticide Residue tests

 3: Chemical Analysis ( soil testing analysis) including micro nutrients & heavy metals The CPC shall also have the following infrastructural & supporting facilities for the processors.

1: Steam Generation & Distribution System

2: Power Transmission & Distribution (including DG set for power backup)

3: Effluent Treatment Plant

 4: Fire Hydrant System

 5: Water Treatment & Supply System

 6: Sewerage Treatment System & Sewerage Network

 7: Integrated Solid Waste Management

 8: Storm Water Drainage System

9: Telecommunications & IT System

10: Weighbridges

 11: Street Lighting System

12: Road Network

13: Compound Wall & Landscaping The Food Park is envisaged as a self contained system with the following Non-Core facilities :

 (a) Administrative Building (b) Guest House (c) Staff Quarters (d) Canteen (e) Crèche (f) Labors’ Dormitory (g) Security/ Gate Office/ Drivers’ Room