The Food Park shall establish trustworthy backward & forward linkages to benefit the suppliers, processors & consumers.

Backward Linkages :10 Collection Centres are established at the following places :

  1. 1:Dwarahat
  2. 2:Ranikhet
  3. 3:Tarikhet (Almora)
  4. 4:Bhikiasain (Almora)
  5. 5:Lalkuan
  6. 6:Ramnagar
  7. 7:Bajpur
  8. 8:Bhoali (Nainital)
  9. 9:Lohaghat
  10. 10:Mukteshwar
  11. All these CC’s are within maximum 80 kms. distance from their respective PPC’s. They cover the entire fertility belt of Uttarakhand with almost all crops, fruits & vegetables produced in these areas. The farmers can also avail expert consultancy here to improve the quality of their products.

  12. All the CC’s are equipped with sheds & weighing scales wherein farmers can sell their produce at fair prices. The quality fresh products so purchased are collected together and transported to PPC’s wherein they are sorted, graded, washed & packed, which are further send to CPC for further processing or sold directly in the market.

  13. Forward Linkages :

  14.  The Mega Food Park is the only of its kind in the state and thus it has the capability to attract buyers of all types for the produce of units established here. The Food Park offers control over the entire process from Raw Material procurement to preservation, processing, testing & transportation facilities, thus the buyers willingly procure value added products from the park.
    Forward linkages are established with Processors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Exchanges, Supermarkets and Exporters to facilitate the units to sell their produce at competitive prices.